Eric Ode and John Skewes at Kit Lit Drink Night

Eric and John

Yes, Nancy. Children’s writers and illustrators do drink beer. But I assure you it’s only to lubricate the wheels of imagination and cooperation. This event was thrown by our very own Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators of Western Washington in Seattle. Illustrator John Skewes and author Eric Ode collaborated on these two new books from the nationally acclaimed local publisher Sasquatch Books.

While John talked to a group at the head of our table, Eric and I had a long, helpful conversation on the states of our current manuscripts, how we plot our works, etc. Congratulations to John and Eric, and to my friend Dan Richards for his book The Problem With Not Being Scared of Monsters. And to our friend Dana Sullivan for his numerous books as well the invitation graphic below. And do click on the links in the text above to learn more about my friends and our society!


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