• Album: Story Songs
  • Featured Artist: David Grisman
  • Release Date: 03/25/2022
  • Record Label: Sperry Hunt
  • UPC: 198002775498 All songs by Sperry Hunt

    Tracks and Stories
  • 1. The Poet of Santa Fe County (4:01) Contemporary Folk – uscgh2288335
    Three letters from a homeless artist to the young girl he left behind.
  • 2. Boys Town (3:48) Contemporary Folk – uscgh2288336 (Featuring David Grisman)
    An old man regrets the way he treated a girl in a border town when they were teenagers.
  • 3. Bueno the Roan (4:38) Contemporary Folk – uscgh2288337
    Sometimes you need a horse or a friend to lead you home
  • 4. Round Road Home (3:25) Contemporary Folk – uscgh2288338 (Featuring David Grisman)
    A lullaby about a sailor’s discovery that life is circular.
  • 5. The Glitter Is Gone (2:40) Bluegrass – uscgh2288339 (Featuring David Grisman)
    A man’s hopes are broken by a hateful lie.
  • 6. Door in the Dark (4:47) Contemporary Folk – uscgh2288340
    The true coming-of-age tale of a boy whose father was a drug smuggler
  • 7. The Gulf of Mexico (4:25) Contemporary Folk – uscgh2288341
    A true and personal tale of a love triangle that ends in death.
  • 8. Broken Not Beautiful (3:27) Contemporary Folk – uscgh2288342 
    The title tells it all.
  • 9. Like a Stone (4:09) Contemporary Folk uscgh2288343
    When wind blew hard, and the windows shook.
  • 10. Blues Suitcase (2:41) Blues – uscgh2288344
    A storm, a card game, two murders, and a chase.
  • 11. The Last Light (4:25) Celtic Folk – uscgh2288345
    A father’s lament for a son who took his own life.


Texas-born and Idaho based, Sperry Hunt is a songwriter of Contemporary Folk songs. His album Story Songs was released in 2022. He has taught songwriting and authored Songwriting: How To Write Music and Lyrics. A natural storyteller, Sperry has written nine screenplays, three novels, over seventy songs, and many short stories. He has performed his songs in Texas, California, Washington, and Idaho where he is a member of the Idaho Songwriters Association. He won a showcase award at the Los Angeles Songwriters Showcase and played at the Rosalie Sorrels and the Luckenbach Every Other Annual Festival. His radio plays include KDVS, WDIY and KVMR. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and a Certificate in Writing from the University of Washington.

Currently he performs in and around Boise, Idaho, where he now resides. He will record a new album in the summer of 2023.

The Recording

Story Songs was recorded at Rainshadow Studios in Port Townsend, Washington. (See for full details.) The lineup was:

  • Sperry Hunt: rhythm guitar and vocals
  • David Grisman: mandolin and featured artist
  • Joe Breskin: lead guitar
  • John “Greyhound” Maxwell: dobro
  • Jon Parry: fiddle
  • Bernie Reilly: cello
  • Troy Ferguson: double bass
  • Everett Moran: produce and sound engineer
  • Conor Sisk: mixing engineer
  • Steve Fulton: recording engineer
  • David Glasser: mastering engineer