[Regarding “Round Road Home”] That’s a good song. That’s a really good song!
David Grisman, six-time Grammy nominee, virtuoso of the mandolin in jazz. bluegrass, and children’s music. Leader of the David Grisman Quintet, and collaborator with Jerry Garcia, Tony Rice, Bela Fleck

I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy, and it’s been in my car on repeat for several weeks. The album is really good. Great original authentic folks songs that speak to Mr Hunt’s personal experience of the world with his keen eye for detail and imagery. Wonderfully recorded with top notch musicians and really heartfelt vocal performances on every song. I really loved it. Immediately get this record folks. It will not disappoint.`
Bruce Michael Miller, producer, guitarist, songwriter and music educator. He has performed with Paul McCartney and Kenny Loggins and other notable musicians.

I LOVED all the support instruments — which were so well-recorded and so perfectly balanced and interwoven with your vocal and guitar.   The stylistic range of the cello — from classical sounding pads to country-fiddle sounds was amazing.

I think my favorite song is Gulf of Mexico.  (Incredible chorus!!)   (I remember liking that song a lot when I heard you play it live.)    I also especially liked Door In The Dark, and the one about the father missing his son,The Santa Fe Poet and the Glitter is Gone.

But really there wasn’t a one I didn’t enjoy and admire!

You definitely have “the gift.”  I’m a huge fan of your lyric-writing.  Which is not to criticize your music — which I feel supports your lyrics nicely and provides a comfy home for them.   But it’s your lyrics that really shine for me!  They can be so powerful and PACKED with emotion — using only small, common images and details — as metaphors and triggers to deep feelings.   A great lyric always “sneaks up on me” then sucker punches me in the gut — the way yours do.   
Robby London, television executive producer and two-time winner of Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Children’s Animated Programand accomplished singer-songwriter and arranger himself.

Sperry did with his CD what I believe everyone who ever sat down with a guitar and made up their own song has wanted to do. He didn’t just set up shop in the bedroom with a copy of cubebase 11 and mash up some tracks though. He went all in. Pro studio, hired pro musicians to back up the tracks, spent serious time and thought on packaging and presentation. Spent a year before recording going out and performing the songs on the project to bring them to final form. Then there are the songs. This is a work of heart and soul. Well done Sir.
Rob Scholes, notable Idaho singer-songwriter, performer, artist, photographer, and philosopher

I enjoyed your stories very much and your vocal supported that important aspect of the work quite well. I was hearing echoes of Ramblin Jack, John Prine and Leonard Cohen among others.
Robin A. Yeager, career audio engineer, formerly of Tres Virgos Studios San Rafael, CA

Story Songs is a fantastic album,  Sperry.  The songs paint beautiful  pictures of the landscapes, the people, and the experiences (good or bad) that have led you to where you are today.  It is such a pleasure to hear it and experience it in song, especially now knowing so much more about the back stories to many of them. 

Finally, I must tell you that one of your songs stands head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion, and that is “The Last Light.”  It is one of the most beautiful ballads that I’ve ever heard, sir.  It struck me as something special before I knew anything about your friend’s son and his story.  After knowing the little bit that I do now about that situation, and how personal that song is, it just cements it in my mind as truly a special song.  It brings me back to what I was saying earlier about authenticity.  You were able to make something incredibly beautiful out of something incredibly tragic.  The lyrics and the picture they paint, the heartache that is expressed, accompanied by music that complements the feeling of the song so passionately is truly special. 
Derek Denkers, music aficionado

It’s a wonderful album. I was listening all morning to it today at work.
Kevin Etherton, notable Idaho singer-songwriter

Spent an hour this morning rolling cigarettes and listening to your website. Very soothing.
Michael Gellenbeck, innovative Idaho musician/audio engineer

Wonderful and rich with images and metaphor, it’s a classic.
Gordon Hamilton, notable Idaho singer songwriter (regarding “The Last Light”)