Due to a fortuitous event, I’m taking what may be several months off from writing the second book in the series to edit the first. My good fortune is the opportunity to work with Emily Ballentine, a young Seattle editor with much to recommend. Emily is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound. She is intelligent, firm in her opinions, and open to mine.  We’ve divided the manuscript into four-parts.  I’m currently working on her notes from the first. We are united in our opinion that we can produce a saleable manuscript ready for submission in the fall.

I would hesitate to do this were I not at a very good stopping point with the second manuscript.  In addition to having 48,000 words completed, I have a detailed outline for the entire story.  I’m a bit reluctant to put the second story off, but Emily’s assistance is simply too good an opportunity to pass up. I’m certain there is a cadre of writers out there who will be working with her in the very near future.


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