News: Sperry is currently writing songs for a new album to be released in 2023. Completed songs include: “Wild Blue Yonder,” a true account of Sperry’s uncle’s exploits as a fighter pilot in WWII; “Bloomfield Blues,” a song about his friend, guitar virtuoso Michael Bloomfield voted #42 in Rolling Stone magazine’s Best 100 Guitar Players;” and Jailhouse Kathmandu,” an ironic torch song in the voice of a woman pleading with her boyfriend to rescue her from the Nepalese prison where he left her. It’s based on the true story of a friend of Sperry’s.


Playlist of 7 Studio Videos from Sperry Hunt’s 2022 Story Songs album

“The Last Light,” the song below is in the voice of a father whose son took his own life.

Blues Suitcase

In this video, the tenth cut on the album, only one of my hands is visible so the camera could capture these two extraordinary players: John “Grayhound” Maxwell (left, on dobro) and Jon Perry (center-right, on fiddle). It was filmed in Rainshadow Studio in Port Washington, Washington on 2/8/2020. It’s a Stagger Lee-like blues , born of a dream. The audio you hear is not the final tracks, but an earlier unmastered mix. We were crowded around a single bi-directional mic for the instruments and a super-cardioid mic for my vocal. Rainshadow is an acoustic Nirvana. At the end of the take, Jon looks above and asks,  “Do the notes ever die in here?” The audio is an early mix.

Boy’s Town

The second song on the album is an apology to someone I treated poorly as a boy. The video was shot on 1/4/2019 at my regular Friday night show at the Caffeina Roasting Company in Boise, ID.

Door in the Dark

The sixth song on Story Songs, “Door in the Dark,” is a young man’s memory of his father, a drug smuggling pilot who spent years in prison.  The song is based on a friend’s recollection of his own dad. The video starts with five seconds of silence. The audio is an early mix.

Header photos by Jim Gilmore